I have many of my clients who ask me how to create a list of terms using tabs and eliminating the use of  tables.  See below:

I typed the first line of information and then ENTER to start the list of terms. before I type, I set my indents on the ruler.

Step 1: Move the first line indent to .5 inch on the ruler (top triangle)

Step 2: Move the hanging indent to 1.5 inch on the ruler (bottom triangle and yes the bottom rectangle is attached to the bottom triangle).

You set these two indents to any location on the ruler. Here is the key to making this work: place the hanging indent pass the first line indent. You type in the first term then use the TAB key.  It will automatically word wrap and align the paragraph.  When you ENTER to type in the next term, the indents are carried down.

To clear the ruler, click the Normal Style.