Many have asked me if they should create tables to design a menu or an agenda.  I can create one but then I have to eliminate the borders and use the CTRL+Tab.  Instead I recommend that you use the tab settings and especially the Right Align tab and using leaders option.


  1. Move the First Line Indent and the Hanging Indent together to the desire ruler measurement. (See above image)
  2. Set the Right Align Tab onto the desire ruler measurement (See above image – 5.5″).
  3. Double click on the Right Align Tab to open the Tabs dialogue box (see below).

  4. Click on the tab setting in the tab stop position (in this example I highlighted 5.5″).
  5. Go to the leader section below and click on option 2 for the … leader style.
  6. Click OK

Use the TAB key to tab to the First Line Indent and type in the first information and TAB again to tab to the Right Align tab you will automatically see the leaders.  Type in the second information. ENTER and repeat.