To allow the ©®, and symbols to appear in your text without going through the menu process and to automatically use AutoCorrect.


  1. Type an open parenthesis “(“
  2. Type the letter c
  3. Type a close parenthesis “)”

Repeat the same process by typing the letter R or the TM and using both parenthesis.

I also use AutoCorrect for typing in my name in bold and italic.


  1. Type your name in a blank Word document.
  2. Highlight your name and make it bold and italic.
  3. Copy your name
  4. Click on File, Options, Proofing, and AutoCorrect Options…
  5. Type your initials without using spaces in the Replace: area
  6. Paste your name in the With: area by clicking Ctrl+V for paste
  7. Add
  8. OK
  9. Type your initials in the document and your full name will appear with that font and style

AutoCorrect is global and whatever you do to AutoCorrect will affect old and new Word documents.  See the common misspelling and symbols that are included in Autocorrect.