There is a way where you can filter without going through the long steps.  In the following example, I want to choose the Regions that are ‘South’.


The norm is to turn on the filter option by:

  1. Clicking on the Data Tab
  2. then the Filter icon
  3. then deselect Select All
  4. and choose the value I want to filter, ‘South’.


The Quick Way to Filter

The quick way requires you to first put the AutoFilter icon in your Quick Access Toolbar in order to be there every time you open Excel, to use again and again. Click on the down arrow symbol next to the Quick Access Toolbar and choose More Commands…To find the AutoFilter command, look in “Commands Not In The Ribbon”  and add to the Quick Access Tool list.

I click on any cell that contains the word ‘South’ and click on the AutoFilter icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.  The filter is done automatically in less than two clicks.

I can continue to apply additional filters in the same way. For example, if I wanted to then filter on the Quarter for the first Quarter by clicking on any instances of  ‘Quarter 1’ and then click the AutoFilter button and my data will look like this.


Love it!!