In Word, when you are creating a table, most likely it will continue to go onto the following page. And if the table is lengthy, Word doesn’t display the table’s headings at the top of each page. This can make multi-page tables hard to read. Word allows you to repeat a table’s heading row wherever the table breaks across pages regardless if the page was created by a hard page break or a manual page break.

In order for the first row of the table to repeat on every page just place the insertion point anywhere within the table’s first row. If you want to use more than the first row (maybe the headings are placed in two rows, just select the two rows)

In 2007/2010, click on Layout Tab under the Table Tool menu and click the Repeat Header Rows icon. Word automatically repeats the selected row contents wherever the table breaks across pages. Also, Word automatically adjusts the placement of repeated heading rows so that when any row(s) are added or removed from the body of the table, the repeated heading rows always appear at the top of the page.