If you are creating a newsletter in Word, the norm is to put the Table of Contents in the bottom first column.  Strategically, the reader will scan the first page from left to right and diagonally down back to the left forming a Z. It is a good idea to place a Table of Contents in order to tell the reader where the topic can be found on the designated page.  I suggest the you Insert a Text Box.  Here are the simple steps:

  1. Place a Heading 1 or Heading 2 style on each topic name.
  2. Leave ample space in the bottom of the first column.
  3. Click on the Insert tab and click on the down arrow on the Text Box icon and choose Draw Text Box
  4. The cross will help you draw the box in the open space.
  5. Click on the References Tab and click on the Table of Contents icon.

If the Table of Contents pages are not displayed, it is because the margin on the ruler surpassed the column of the text box. The text box has its own margin and you need to drag the right tab marker and the margin icon to display the page numbers.

To understand styles and Table of Contents, please read my blog: WORD: Creating a Table of Contents AUTOMATICALLY!  in the June 2012 blogs.

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