The Format Painter button offers a great service. It copies the formatting from your selected cell or data range and pastes it onto the next data range you select.

But if you need to use the Format Painter to add your copied formatting to more than one non-contiguous data range, you’ll find yourself going back and forth using the Format Painter icon. You probably select the cell with the desired formatting, click the Format Painter button, select the data range to acqire that formatting style, go back to the original cell, click on Format Painter button again, highlight new cells that needs to be formatted, and so on and son on.

But here’s an insider tip: You don’t have to go through this time-consuming, back-and-forth process.

  • First add formats to a cell.
  • Simply Double Click on the Format Painter button and apply to another set of cells.
  • The paintbrush cursor stays visable even after you apply the formatting to the first set of cells.
  • Keep on selecting cells and the non-contiguous cell.
  • Click on the Format Painter button again to deactive it.