Using the Format Cell Dialogue Box:

  • Pres Ctrl+1
  • or Click on the Dialog Box Launcher icon (the square icon is found on the right side of the group name)

Changing Text Alignment:
We know the Left, Right, Center but did you know the what the following commands can do? Use the Format Cell Dialog box for the following commands.

  • Fill –> Repeats the contents of the cell until the cell’s width is filled. You need to first choose from the Format Cell Dialog box the Fill option. Type in one or more characters and hit Enter. You can copy this cell to repeat the information.
  • Justify –> Justifies the text to the left and right of the cell. This option is applicable only if the cell is formatted as wrapped text and uses more than one line. The last line is NOTjustified.
  • Center Across Selection –> Centers the text over the selected columns. This option is useful for precisely centering a heading across a number of coulmns. Enter the information in one cell and highlight the empty cells that are to the right.  This is the NOT the  same as Merge & Center. This command does not merge the cells.
  • Distributed –> Distributes the text evenly across the selected column. This is known as Forced Justified. The last line IS justified.

Merging Infomation:

  • Merge Across –> When a multiple rows are selected including selecting emptys cells to the right of the information, this command creates merges cells — one for each row but DOES NOT Center.
  • Merge & Center –> Only performs on one row with slected empty cells to the right of the information.  This command merges and centers. Merge & Center works on one row at a time.
  • Merge Cells –> Merges the selected cells without applying the Center attributes. All the cells that are merged now belong to the first cell that was highlighted.
  • Unmerge Cells –> Unmerges the slected cells.

Hiding Information Without Using the Hide/Unhide commnands:

  • To hide the information, change the font color to match the color of the cell.  The content of the cell is still visible on the Formula Bar! Also some printers may override this setting and may still print out the information.