I see many people who double click in an empty to start typing either a formula or text. Why? I do not know but here is the correct approach….simply click once on a cell and type and enter.

Editing a Cell:

When you need to edit information that is in your worksheet, here are severals ways to get the cell in edit mode:

  1. Select the cell and type the new information and hit ENTER.
  2. Double-click the cell, which enables you to edit the cell contents directly in the cell. Where you you double click, the I-beam appears.
  3. Press F2, which enables you to edit the cell content directly in the cell.  The I-beam always is located at the right of the cell.
  4. Select the cell that you want to edit, and then click in the Formula bar. This enables you to edit the cell contents directly in the Formula bar.  I use this technique when the formula is very long and I can go directly to where it needs to be edited.
  5. If the cell contains a formula that returns an error, Excel will display a small triangle in the upper-left corner of the cell. Activate the cell, and you will see a Smart Tag. Click the Smart Tag, and choose one of the options for correcting the error.

Did you know the concept known as RANGE INTERSECTIONS?

Range intersection is individual cells that two ranges have in common. Excel uses an intersection operator which is the space character to determine the overlapping reference in two ranges.  This is a great method when you have large a worksheet. See the below worksheet. The formula is located in A11 —> =C1:C6 A3:E3  There is a space bewteen these two ranges.  The formula returns a value of 457 since it is the intersection of these two ranges.



Converting Formulas toValues:

Sometines you need to use just the values that were produced by formulas.  Copying and Pasting will not work since Relative Addressing is in effect and cause the formulas to change either displaying erroneous values or blanks or errors. Therefore, you want to copy and PASTE VALUES ONLY command. In 2007/2010 when you use the Paste command on the ribbon or right click to bring up the short-cut menu to show the options.  You want to click on the icon that looks like a clipboard with the numbers 123.  Placing your mouse over that icon will display the icon tip which says Values (V).  DO NOT get confused with the keyboard command Ctrl+V which pastes the formulas.