In Excel, when you begin to type a formula, the Formula AuotComplete appears and once you enter the opening parenthesis, the arguments for that function appear below the Formula bar or active cell. Some feel that the Formula AutoComplete is more annoying and distracting. To disable the Formula AutoComplete and still view Excel’s helpful tip when needed, do the following two steps.

Turn off the Formula AutoComplete:

  1. Launch Excel and choose File, Options and click on Formulas
  2. Check of Formula AutoComplete.

To insert the function arguments right in the cell or formula bar:

  1. Enter the function in a cell, along with its opening parenthesis—i.e., =SUM(.
  2. Press [Ctrl][Shift]A to enter the arguments right within the active cell (or the Formula bar if you’re working directly in the Formula bar).
  3. Replace each argument with your relevant data or cell reference.