WORD: Repeat Table Headings at the Top of Every Page

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When you create a lengthy table that continues on more than one page, Word doesn’t display the table’s headings (i.e., the table’s first row) at the top of each page that contains a portion of the table. This can make multi-page tables hard to read. However, you can easily configure Word to repeat a table’s heading row wherever the table breaks across pages.

If you’d like to use just the first row of your table as a repeated heading:
1. Place the insertion point anywhere within the table’s first row or select more than one row.
2. Choose Table | Heading Rows Repeat from the menu bar.
**When you do, Word automatically repeats the selected row contents wherever the table breaks across pages. In addition, Word automatically adjusts the placement of repeated heading rows so that when you add or remove rows from the body of the table, the repeated heading rows always appear at the top of the page.

Word DOES NOT display the repeated row headings when Normal, Outline or Web Layout view is active. They are still applied when the print coomand is issued.


WORD: Positioning Drawing Objects Using the Grid Lines

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Here is a simply way to place drawing objects in just the right location eliminating approximation,or the guesssing game.

To create a grid in your document:

  1. Select Draw | Grid from the Drawing toolbar.
  2. In the Drawing Grid dialog box, select the Display Gridlines On Screen check box and click OK.

Customize your gridlines
You can choose how far apart to space your gridlines, and you can choose to remove the vertical lines if you’d like.

To adjust your gridline spacing:

  1. Select Draw | Grid from the Drawing toolbar.
  2. In the Grid Settings area, increase or decrease the numbers in the Horizontal Spacing and Vertical Spacing spin boxes. Smaller numbers create closely spaced gridlines, and larger numbers widen the gaps between gridlines.

To remove the vertical gridlines:

  1. Select Draw | Grid from the Drawing toolbar.
  2. Deselect the Vertical Every check box in the Grid Origin area of the Drawing Grid dialog box. Click OK.

Another Method for 200, 2010, and 2013
Change your grid settings by going to the Page Layout tab and in the Arrange group, click the Align button and choose Grid Settings from the resulting dropdown list. This choice opens the Drawing Grid dialog box. You can also quickly hide/show your gridlines by selecting or deselecting View Gridlines from the same dropdown list.