EXCEL: Quickly Filling in Cells in A Table


It is very annoying when a table has blank cells.  You can not filter, sort or even produce accurate pivot table or graphs.  The solution is to manually fill in the cells.  Here is a way to eliminate this tedious process.

Fill in empty cells


Notice that the cells are blank under each state. You need to fill in these cells in order to work with tables.

  1. Highlight the cells from the bottom up by using the Control and Mouse (this is the sparatic selection).
  2. The last cell that is chosen and active should be B4.
  3. OR click on Find & Select, Go To Special, BlanksFill in empty cells highlightedpng
  4. Type = and click on B3
  5. Control EnterFill in empty cells highlighted and completed

There You Have it!


EXCEL: Quick Way to Repeat Text in Cells Without Autofill

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An acquaintance of mine showed me a way to repeat text without using the autofill.  Here is a simple way to do it:

  1. Highlight several cells
  2. Type in the text in the active cell
  3. Click on Control+Enter key

There you have it!